Manufacturers of Multi-slide CNC lathes

which combine fast cycle times with quick changeover times at an affordable price
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About the company

FAS Machine Tools has for some twenty years been on a quest to produce cost-effective production lathes.
CEO and Chief Designer Peter Frow has used innovative design approaches to minimize the key parameters of Cycle Time, Setup Time and Capital Cost.

The Synchroturn is a multi-slide CNC lathe capable of making simple or complex components at high speed. It achieves its fast cycle times by having as many as four tools working simultaneously on the workpiece.
In addition, a feed and chuck time of 1 second and an indexing time of .5 sec contribute to the reduction of cycle times. The Synchroturn is available in 42mm and 60 mm spindle sizes.

The Synchronette is the newest model in the FAS multi-slide CNC range. It includes the same features as its bigger brother the Synchroturn, but has the added option of Live Turret Tooling and the ability to perform back-working by means of a rotating pickup head and a rear Gang Tool Platform. The Synchronette is available in 26 mm and 36 mm spindle sizes.

FAS Synchronette

  • 6-Axis Multi-Slide CNC Lathe
  • Bar sizes up to 36mm
  • LiveTooling and Back-Working option

FAS Synchroturn

  • 6-Axis Multi-Slide CNC Lathe
  • Bar sizes up to 60mm
  • 3 times as fast as conventional CNC lathes

FAS fasfeeder

  • Weight-operated Barfeeder
  • Can be used with any CNC lathe
  • Simple and robust in construction